The case for illustrious mountain wines pt 1 – Biancos

Around the breath-taking hills of the Italian Alps, in the region of Alto Adige, you will find some of the world’s finest white wine

Continuously representing an understated elegance combined with refined fruit and natural freshness

..whether it is Pinot Grigio, Kerner or Pinot Bianco you are sure to discover a breadth of great value and unexpected pleasure. Råå/Co has teamed up with supreme producer Kellerei Kaltern to bring you benchmark quality gastronomical wines for savvy home cooks and smart sommeliers.

Many wine regions across the world show century old traditions and riveting landscapes framing the wines they produce with history and grand views. This is especially true for the wine growing mountain regions, whether in Europe or the Americas, where steep sceneries and horizons are especially spectacular, creating that extra drama and original soul felt in each bottle.

The region of Alto Adige, beautifully shadowed by the Dolomites and temperature balanced by the numerous cold lakes such as Garda and Kaltern in the summer, is such a place. With high altitude plots, an array of different soils and epic long history of cultivation, the wines originating from here is in a league of their own. As a paradox, the region, is by the initiated, continuously heralded for their (white) wines, but constantly overlooked on a wider scale. For instance, Alto Adige and its many great producers is with few doubts, probably the best source for Pinot Bianco in the world, easily surpassing other classic terroir like Alsace in creating intriguing, flavoursome and crisp wines with layers and character seldom seen in this, dare we say, sometimes rather dull and at-worst, one-dimensional grape.

Kaltern, a forward Kellerei (Cantina in Italian), shows what high-altitude winegrowing and conscious winemaking can do with unassuming grape material. Their Pinot Bianco Vial 2022 is as fresh as they come, with elegant, slightly muted, but still very present fruit, and a deliciously creamy character. This mix, kind of the trademark here, creates a wine of striking balance begging for food but holding its own in any scene.

It is right to especially lift the mountain lake whites, because they deserve the attention on merit alone. You should indeed try Kaltern’s’ Saleit Chardonnay, Soll Pinot Grigio and Carned Kerner, to let these exemplary wines prove the inherit points made by all curious wine cosmopolitans and international tastemakers. The current vintage on the market, 2022, maybe the strongest yet for these whites.

We love these wines, both for their indigenous charm and drinkability, but even more so for their magnificent gastronomical qualities and slight underdog status. If you want to impress when hosting at home or dazzle your team with true value for money when ordering in restaurants, look no further than to Alto Adige and Kellerei Kaltern with their elegant tasty portfolio of prodigious whites.

The Vial Pinot Bianco, continuously heralded by international critics and taste maker institutions such as Gambero Rosso. Not to miss if you dig wine.


Kellerei Kaltern is by far the most respected co-op in the region, founded in 1900, growing and developing ever since. Today the ”family” is comprised of 650 members with a total of 450 hectars of land under vine, making them strong in varietals and volumes and above all in quality. Check their beautiful site for in-depth views on life at the lake!